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Monday, October 15, 2007

I demand to be traded from this site.

It's times like this that make me wish Dick Bavetta would get involved with the mob and bet on some games. All off season long it's been non-stop trade demands, and I'm sick of it. Pay me millions of dollars and I'll go cut grass with child proof scissors, let alone play basketball anywhere. You know things are out of hand when Juwan Howard thinks he's good enough to dictate where he goes. "I want to play for a winning team." Juwan - if a team needs you bad enough to trade for you, they aren't winning anything anytime soon.

Kevin Garnett is the exception. How he didn't choke somebody in that front office is beyond me. When a Mark Blount for Raef Lafrentz trade is seen as an upgrade, things just aren't working out. Dude kills himself in the off season to be the best player he can be (Is it too soon Eddie Griffin fans? I'm sorry.) and puts it all out on the floor every single game and the best you can do is Ricky Davis as a second scorer? KG could have gone all John Elway and pitched for the Yankees, and I still wouldn't have been mad at him.

But Kobe Bryant demanding out? That's just ludicrous. His reason: "Front office hasn't done a good enough job of trying to win now.".After your selfishness and inability to get along with one of the most likable players in the game and tore apart what could have been one of the best teams in the history of the NBA, you want out?

Not only should the Lakers not trade Kobe, but they should extend his contract indefinitely and make him coach this team once he retires after he demanded they make a team centered around him - then want out when he realizes he's not enough.

"I don't want to waste my prime years waiting for guys to develop", well you should have thought of that Kobster before you ran out the diesel. Even you two took six years to win one, now all the sudden you want to do it overnight? As ludicrous as people thought Phil was when he wanted to trade you for Kidd and Marion - the Lakers are probably still contending for championships now with those two and Shaq.

The worst part about the whole Kobe fiasco is how damn much we see of Ric Bucher now. For however creepy Pedro Gomez' official role was as Barry Bonds' stalker, Bucher has become the NBA equivalent for Kobe Bryant. Jesus, if Kobe wasn't a puppet master when he lead the destruction of a dynasty three years ago, he sure as hell is now. Kobe's camp could tell Ric to go on air and admit to funding several big time meth labs and he'd do it. You can't go out and say "Kobe will never wear a Lakers jersey again." and then two months later after he's shown up to camp and played in two pre-season games come out with some Laker news and expect of have any kind of credibility, Ric.

I know this is all work done by Ric because he wants to someday write the Kobe Bryant book - but by the time the damn thing's published he's going to need to do it under another alias to get any kind of sales.

Andrei Kirilenko is another guy who demanded a trade, with about as many reasons as Kobe has. Andrei makes great money, is in a system where he was an all star just a few years ago, has an up and coming point guard who is on the verge of being an all star, and plays with one of the most formidable PF-C offensive duos in the league. What's the problem here? You don't want to be a piece of 'Sloan'? Don't let all the love you got from the nation of Russia during the world championships get to your head. If you accept your role on this team and stop giving Deron Williams reason to rip you to shreds in the press you wouldn't have anything to worry about. Looks like Andrei's attitude has change though, since his wife threatened to revoke his one different woman a year clause if he walks away from the 63 million. Ok, so Sloan punked him. The wife line seemed funnier.

The most comical may be Shawn Marion. The guy is in a system tailor made (yes I've been dying to use that) to his skill set. He makes the most money on the team, yet he's upset because he doesn't get the recognition he feels he deserves. Call me crazy, but I'd kill to be the highest paid guy on the team but thought of as the third best player. That way when I don't show up in the playoffs (which Shawn doesn't), it's not all my fault and I don't have to hope on Robert Horry shoving Steve Nash every series. Shawn's in a position T-Mac dreams of being in, and should be more thankful.

And I stand by my title for this article. Not only am I underpaid (Gross salary for 2007: $0), it took Savant a damn year to find my login and reinvite me. I'm back anyway, but expect Ric Bucher to be publicizing my demands while I continue to write - cause I just like screwin' with the guy.


Blogger Sager Savant said...

your 2007 salary is $0, but your 2008 salary is 5 cents. we hold a team option for 2009 at 7 cents with a buyout for a penny.

no, we are not trading you, because we don't have any problem using you like a malaysian factory worker.

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