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Monday, October 15, 2007

Wrapping up 10/14's pre-season action

Portland 102, Atlanta 89: The Hawks are 3-0 with Acie Law and 0-1 without him, though their defense was just as bad as their offense. Atlanta let LaMarcus Aldridge gave free offensive rebounds en route to his 29 points, and Channing Frye scored 14. Meanwhile, Hawk fans now begin to remember what losing feels like, and instead, focus on Al Horford's double-double.

Washington 86, Philadelphia 80: Gilbert Arenas and Antonio Daniels are given the night off, which explains the low offensive output for Washington. The 76ers are awful, which explains the low offensive output for Philadelphia. Antawn Jamison scores a game high 17 points, and all 140 in attendance ask for their money back.

Detroit 109, Denver 106: Jason Maxiell picks up a double-double in only 20 minutes of play, and Jarvis Hayes scores 24 for the Pistons. The Nuggets, resting just about everyone that matters (except Marcus Camby), still manage to stay in the game, due to the fact Anthony Roberson (22 points) is back on the up-swing of his streaky shooting.

LA Clippers 99, Golden State 89: Al Thornton, Ruben Patterson, and Corey Maggette combine for 61 points, while the Warriors only shoot 32.9%. Not going to win you ballgames if you're an up-tempo offense. Think they miss Jason Richardson yet?


Blogger Bret LaGree said...

There was a telling Joe Johnson quote in the game recap: "Honestly, I think our bigs took their bigs lightly and they just got outplayed."

Zaza Pachulia apparently only gets up for the big games.

12:40 PM

Blogger Sager Savant said...

Sounds about right. But haven't the Hawks been taking their opponents lightly in general since 1999?

2:39 PM


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