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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wrapping up 10/10's pre-season action

Checking box scores? That's as ridiculous as Bruce Springsteen's decision to rip off Tommy Tutone in "Radio Nowhere."
  • Boston 92, Minnesota 81: In the O2 Arena, famously known as the building where Queen Elizabeth II personally whipped poor people to make them build faster, Ray Allen lays down a beating of his own, scoring 28 points in 26 minutes. Ricky Davis scores 18, showing that he doesn't care how his team does, as long as he doubles Kevin Garnett's point production.
  • Indiana 101, New Orl/OKC 96: Mike Dunleavy unloads for 20 points, solidifying his status as a fantastic good summer league and pre-season player.
  • Orlando 123, Charlotte 99: Adam Morrison and JJ Redick go head to head, and the two combine for 30 points. Now let's see them try to combine for 5 points in the regular season.
  • Atlanta 106, Miami 100 (OT): Shaq looks good in 16 minutes, scoring 10 before plopping his ass back down on the bench. Penny Hardaway misses his second consecutive game with a right quadriceps strain, which probably means that he's holding out and refusing to play until Dorrell Wright forks over his precious #1 jersey number. On the flipside, the Hawks stymie the Heat in overtime, shutting them out 6-0. Dwyane Wade lobbied Pat Riley to at least let him cherry pick with a minute left, but to no avail.
  • Milwaukee 90, Utah 81: Yi Jianlian scores 12 points in 26 minutes, and only picks up four fouls! Sadly, he goes 4/11 from the field. Michael Redd says "watch how I do it" and scores 17 on 7/14 shooting.
  • Portland 111, LA Clippers 102: Travis Outlaw does his best Greg Oden impression. You know, not contributing to the Blazers at all. Meanwhile, LeMarcus Aldridge and Martell Webster fill the void, combining for 49 points.


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