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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wrapping up 10/12's pre-season action

New Jersey 91, Philadelphia 90: Four of the big five were out for New Jersey. The biggest of them all, Bostjan Nachbar, demanded to play, and play he did by scoring 35 points in an overtime victory. Meanwhile, the 76ers' starting lineup scores 17 points, and Louis Williams scores 33. It's great to see Williams doing so well, even though he still weighs about 50 pounds.

Orlando 102, Miami 69: It wasn't really a fair fight. Orlando played a bunch of role players, while Miami played their training camp invitee team. Redick (19 points) is establishing himself as a legitimate pre-season player, and Dwight Howard is just screwing around, as he collects 13 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 blocks.

Seattle 96, Cleveland 90: LeBron is hurt! OK, well it's just a shoulder contusion, and it shouldn't affect him long-term. The way Kevin Durant shot (5/22), he probably wishes he had a reason to sit out mid-game.

Utah 100, Detroit 85: Just like how it happened against Cleveland last night, the Pistons maintained a lead with their starters, and then drop off as the second unit takes over. Maybe Flip is just trying to make a point that a 5-man rotation works just fine.

Chicago 100, Dallas 92: Aaron Gray picks up another double-double, even with Scott Skiles imposing a seven-shot limit. Meanwhile, Dallas' Jose Juan Barea is still too fast for any team in the NBA to catch up with, as he scores 17.

Denver 118, Portland 102: 16 shots from Anthony Roberson may not have been what George Karl had in mind, but the Nuggets pick up double-figures from all of their starters, including 17 from A.I. and 22 from Carmelo.


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