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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Notes

John Hollinger will supposedly show his "face"

  • Avery Johnson asked Dirk Nowitzki to step up and take an all-around leadership role in September. Apparently a little spat with Devin Harris over a missed defensive assignment yesterday is a positive first step. Sure, it's nice to see Nowitzki publicly chewing out a teammate, though he's done it before to Erick Dampier and Jason Terry. Calling that a sign of positive leadership is like complementing Atlanta on getting a decent point guard. They've had one before, but they're still not a playoff team.
  • Rasheed Wallace picks up his third technical in as many pre-season games. Someone tell Sheed that technical fouls aren't a hall-worthy record.
  • Henry Abbott of TrueHoop is having his very own Broadway extravaganza, and plans on interviewing David Thorpe and John Hollinger at ESPN Zone. It sounds like a whole bunch of fun, but I don't really believe that Hollinger will show, for the same reason that Carl Everett would never go to a museum with dinosaur fossils. I just don't think John Hollinger exists; at least he's not human. As far as I can tell, he's more like the Master Control Program from Tron.


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