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Friday, November 03, 2006

HoopsHype Insight - 11/3

  • Another gem from the NBA's little pamphlet on the Collective Bargaining Agreement: players who test positive for marijuana enter the "Marijuana Program." The second time you get fined, and have to re-enter the "Marijuana Program." The third time, you get suspended for five games, and, you guessed it, go back into the "Marijuana Program." The fact that players have indeed been suspended five games for marijuana makes me think that whatever happens in the "Marijuana Program" might make a good sitcom.
  • (Gothamist via TrueHoop)

    Cliff Robinson: So, uh... why are we here again?
    Christian Laettner: Man... this is like...
    Isiah Rider: Yeah, I'm not even in the NBA anymore.
    Just-a-little-too-cheery-chick: We're all here today because you're NBA players with substance abuse problems!
    Laettner: Crazy. It's crazy.
    Cliff Robinson: I got no problems, man.
    Rider: Hello? I'm not in the NBA anymore.
    Laettner: Did you hear me? I said THIS IS CRAZY.
    Robinson: YOU got problems, man. I'm good.
    Rider: I'm... going to leave now.
    Just-a-little-too-cheery-chick: Just calm down! This isn't crazy, and we're going to solve your problems today.
    Robinson: I've been here like three times. You think I'm gonna suddenly change my mind?
    Rider: Alright. Leaving.

  • Mark Madsen on whether he has worked on his three-point shot since last season: "I've been working on my outside shot the last three years. I'm telling the coaching staff that I'm ready. They tell me to be patient. (Coach) Dwane Casey keeps telling me to be patient. I tell Dwane, 'I'll be patient.'"

  • We're talking about the same Mark Madsen, right? The one who on the last game of last season missed seven threes because the Timberwolves wanted to lose the game for a better draft spot? The one who was 1/15 in that game? Look, if the Timberwolves are trying to get Greg Oden, then the "let Madsen shoot" strategy is fine.


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