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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hoopshype Insight 11/9

To summarize the first ten links: Larry Brown asked for over fifty million, got eighteen and a half.

Talk about a coincidence. First Larry can't get anywhere near half of what he wanted out of his players, then the same thing happens while negotiating his buyout with the team. Not real sure who got the best of this deal. I'd have to say Larry, despite Dolan having to dish out substantially less cash than most anticipated. The Knicks are going to continue to be a mess until 2020, and by that time Larry will probably have gotten the Bobcats into the playoffs twice.

The Mavs Continue the Losing Streak

I knew at some point that the Mavs would begin to zone out Avery Johnson, because that voice is just too annoying to tolerate. Dirk Nowitzki is bound to be tired after playing in the NBA finals and the World Basketball Classic, but unfortunately they don't have the scoring to make things easy on him. It's kinda tough when you're always playing 4 on 5 offensively, since Diop and Dampier are always in.

Thomas said Wednesday he and Karl are "fine," but he'd prefer Karl focus on the Nuggets.

Back when he was playing basketball in Illinois, Isiah's brothers used to critique him after every game, and because of it he became one of the greatest of all-time. It appears now that Isiah is refusing to listen to any critiques, becoming one of the worst coaches/GMs all time. Someone should point this out to him, but he'd probably recommend you leave the destruction of the Knicks to him.


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