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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Notes

Remember when you were a kid, saw a power hitter like David Ortiz or Barry Bonds, and asked your Dad if he could have someone run in his place immediately after hitting the ball? Well Yao Ming is on the wrong end of the basketball equivalent of a pinch-runner during practice, as Rick Adelman sends Dikembe Mutombo to guard him on defense, and makes him guard Jackie Butler on defense. Thing is, aren't there better players to choose to be a designated defender? And while we're at it, aren't there better players to select as designated scorer? Yao's practice competition consists of a 41 year old plus a guy who isn't even guaranteed to make the roster. Good idea, but the personnel could use a makeover.

Oh pre-season. It's the time of year where beat writers have a slew of articles already written up about a player, but they have to wait for that player to have a breakout game in order to fine-tune it and print it. Ike Diogu, who ">finally had a decent game with 19 points, had his day today. Just like every other fucking player in the league, Diogu is looking to have a break-out season, and he apparently has struck up a close relationship with (and has a locker next to) Forward/Center Jermaine O'Neal. who shot an abysmal 43.7% last year. Can you think of a worse mentor offensively? Ike should get a shooting coach, or a low post coach or any coach that isn't O'Neal, because his shooting percentage is on par with that of a 2, not a 4/5. Considering Diogu shot 45.3% after being traded to Indiana, maybe the coaching staff should break the two up and put as much distance between them as possible.

Aw, the Atlanta Hawks seem to think they can beat the zone. That's cute. It's like the 10 year old kid who likes space and wants to be an astronaut: give it a few years.

In six years, DeSagana Diop has attempted 704 shots. So unless he's regularly draining threes in practice, is there even a point in talking about anything other than his defense?

Something this funny deserves far more attention.


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