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Thursday, October 26, 2006

6 Digit Love for Yi

Chinese baller Yi Jianlian is somewhere between 18 and 44 years of age, but he's a lock for a top ten pick in the 2007 NBA Draft if he decides to stay in. In China, where they breed basketball players like Kazakhstan breeds reporters, Yi is one of the most popular names in the sport behind Yao Ming and David Hasselhoff. However, in one very, very rich girl's heart, Yi is number one. As sweet as that may sound, what follows will probably just piss you off. According to SINA, a girl from Beijing purchased the domain for $165,000 USD.

We don't want to criticize the financial decisions made by people we don't know -- as crazy as they might be. But we certainly would have offered alternative and cheaper suggestions for domain names. For just a few bucks a year, this girl could have selected between,, or something simple like

Oh yeah, just so you know, we translated the page using Babelfish on AltaVista. Our favorite translated quote from the article is as follows:

Once turns on the phonograph, Yi Chienlien is the very good conversation object. "I specially want to go to Hawaii, the seashore feeling very well, blue sky sea that kind of feeling relaxes very much, fishes to the abysmal region specially is definitely crisp!"

To end on a serious note, if any of you bastards register the domain, we're coming after you and will send you to the abysmal region.


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