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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Learn how to post, Savant

The only thing more idiotic than Blogger's posting system is, well, me. A saved draft apparently turned into a post. Good thing there weren't any Paris Hilton-esque items I'm going to regret. I think.

So to continue an article I had scratched together, here goes.

Comparatively, American basketball has gone downhill.

We're not pessimists; we like to think we're realists about this kind of thing. This isn't a shocking revelation - it's the truth. America can no longer be considered the best at basketball. In fact, we've probably been passed over in terms of basketball writing. Hell, look at the atrocious formatting that Sager's Tailor used with his Media Day Awards post. There's probably a Spanish basketball blog out there called "Wearing Pau's Beard" that's much better than ours -- and actually knows the difference between "save draft" and "publish post."

Even South Koreans are better at highlights than we Americans are. Hell, just look at this video entitled "Lebron's block and DUNK!!!"

We're not sure what we like most. Maybe it's the "Oh, no sir!" after LeBron's block, maybe it's the unnecessary camera-shaking after King James finishes with a dunk on the other end, or maybe it's the description of the dunk being listed a "tomehoawk jam." Ah, I can't choose, but "Oh, no sir!" could be one heck of a catch phrase, am I right?


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