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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Media Day Awards

One of my favorite times of year is media day because of all the random pictures taken. Caption this photo is always a fun game to play, but instead this year I'm going to give away awards to players based on a picture they had taken of them. This is the first annual DCSS Media Day Awards, and without further ado:

The whoops, I may have smoked too much crack award goes to:

Now I don't want to start any rumors, but when you look as big as Tim Thomas did during the playoffs, move to LA, then get this skinny - you're asking to get accused of crack usage.

The damn you're rich why do you look homeless award goes to:

Tayshaun gets a big contract extension but still can't afford to shave that peach fuzz or crack a smile. Well, I'll give him a pass on the smile cause he's having to pose with Nazr Mohammed and Dwyane Wade busted his ass, but the facial hair is inexcusable. And with all that money Tayshaun can't eat something to put some meat on his bones?

The you're not Eric Gagne award goes to:

Growing up in Houston, Rashard should know that growing your goatee like a goofy white pitcher doesn't fly. Not sure what's gotten into him in Seattle, but I'll pay whoever cuts that crap off.

The I gotta think more before I get a tattoo award goes to:

Not that it's a bad tattoo, but Jordan's going to look just ridiculous wearing number 5 all season while he has a tattoo of him wearing number 1. Thankfully for Jordan, if Smush plays like he did the last three games against Phoenix, the number will be opening real soon.

The Jesus Christ get some sleep award goes to:

Obviously, Marcus got himself so excited for media day that he couldn't get any sleep. Hopefully it was everything he hoped for so he can get some damn shuteye.

And the last award of the night, the Please put me in Pirates of the Carribean III award goes to:

Ronny Turiaf had some help from the good people at Clublakers. The original is a little different, but photoshop is a fantastic tool.


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