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Sunday, December 17, 2006

J.R, you're my hero -- Nate's a punk..

I don't know how the rest of the association views Nate Robinson. But if I'd had to guess, not many are texting Nate with the following: Yo Nate, what's up?. I'd imagine that based on some of Robinson's antics, there might be a line of people wanting to fight him. One might be the Lakers, remember that guy dunked and taunted them in a 40-point game. Another might the Cavs who watched him do some stupid dunk trick a few weeks ago.

One man who said, the hell with you little man was J.R. Smith. Smith gets a hard and possibly scripted foul from Mardy Collins and gets pissed and in comes Nate.

I'd guess, the script looks like this:

Robinson: Put up your dukes
Smith: xxxxx you little man
Robinson: it's go time!
Smith: Let's rumble

Afterwards Smith was non-committal while Robinson was pissed that four starters were still playing with a 20-point lead.

But perhaps when he checked his sidekick, he found some text messages

player x: yo, JR, you the man, Nate's a punk, drinks on me next time
player y: F-- Nate, he's fugazi
player g: yo, way to make a routine win entertaining
player r: doc rivers vs. kevin johnson was better
player s: at least no fans were involved
player a: holy #### 10 ejections!
player g: you've done what me and so many others wanted to do to that punk xxx


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