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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Conspiracy changes its spelling to right knee tendintis

It's not exactly the who shot JR conspiracy on Dallas or that old JFK conspiracy theory, but isn't the timing of Steve Francis' right knee tendinitis interesting?

Why so interesting? Because by next week Jared Jefferies is coming back, at least that's the plan. And we've seen things where the Knicks might move Quentin Richardson to the two. That's shooting guard for you NBA fans. And guess who that might bench?

It would either bench Francis or Marbury. Francis doesn't seem to have issue being a reserve. Hell we wouldn't either with that type of money they get.

But that other guy might have some issue since the guy running the show is his boy. And if that happened, that might result of some more of these type expressions:

Again, nobody's taking any glee in a knee injury. Those things hurt. It just seems timed really well to save Zeke from hurting anyone's feelings and losing anyone like the way his team has lost the fans at MSG:


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