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Saturday, November 25, 2006

And Now the Overpaid Man in the Middle - Jon Koncak

I guess because of our Atlanta connection my good friend Sager's Savant offered me this opportunity to be a contributor here.

It's a long odyessy from my days at SMU, where I was one of the best centers in the nation. Maybe if Patrick Ewing were older, I'd have been the man! But the Hawks liked me enough to make the fifth pick in the 1985 draft. I guess they thought I was better than Chris Mullin, Charles Oakley, Karl Malone. Boy I fooled them. At least my career was longer than Uwe Blab's.

But those Hawk teams were real good, not that I had much to do with that with my career average of 4.5 points per game. Well it could have been worse had I not averaged 8.3 as a rookie. But at least I cashed out, getting 13 million from the Hawks in 1989.

That kind of money paved the way for the likes of Jim Mcllvaine and Jerome James and other mediocre talents in the association. Boy I had my ski-mask on that night..

These days, I'm letting that money sit. Although some of it goes to my cable company for that league pass package..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its good to hear from old Kak again. I like him. He's a good example of a descent man. Still married to his high school sweetheart, good dad. We need more guys like him.

5:27 PM


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